The foundation of the olive oil mill

After several years spent in sales and design of machines to produce extra virgin olive oil, Domenico Fazio decides to apply the acquired expertise to build something for himself: in 2017 “Frantoio Conio 18” is founded. The family-run oil mill exemplifies how honoring tradition does not imply a rejection of innovation, but rather establishes a relation to create a product where the traditional values of extra virgin olive oil are fully respected and at the same time ennobled by the modernity of a careful productive system.

Technology and quality

The update of the classic processing systems and the introduction of new machinery for oil production allow to press-out oil between specific temperature ranges (even stricter than the renown “cold extraction” technique): all the molecules deputed to the precious taste and scent of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil (polyphenols above all) are fully preserved. The qualitative and organoleptic profile of the oil is elevated and ennobled, without having to give up its complex facets.

Processing phases

The olives, carefully selected, are processed immediately after the harvest to avoid that an elongated stocking period brings to the formation of premature degradation action.

After a careful washing, a modern pressing phase allows to reduce the thermal jump usually induced by the mechanical stress necessary to grind the olives. The temperature of the obtained paste is further lowered and checked by an advanced thermal management system, just before the kneading phase.

This specific passage allows the oil to be maintained in a precise temperature range during every phase of the processing, granting formation and extraction of its valuable aromas, never approaching values which may activate unwanted oxidative degradations, responsible for the loss of molecules precious for its qualitative and organoleptic profile (the renown polyphenols above all).

A modern centrifuge extraction and an accurate stocking conclude the process.


Extra virgin olive oil Conio18

The extra virgin olive Conio 18 is a blend obtained from the masterful union of different cultivar, characterized by the typical aromatic profile of the extra virgin olive oil. The careful production method and the modern handling of the temperatures reached during the processing phases enrich the oil with fruity smells, vanishingly bitter notes and a correctly balanced spicy tip taste.

Extra virgin olive oil Conio18-25 - top selection

Our Top Selection extra virgin olive oil Conio 18-25 comes from a blend of several cultivars, with a prominence of moraiolo olives.

During production temperature is specifically checked, registered and tracked in order to maintain the process between 18°C and 25°C: such values grant a regular extraction of the oil, allowing the natural formation of its valuable aromas, but negating at the same time the activation of processes which may degrade precious molecules (such as polyphenols) resulting in an unwanted alteration to the oil qualitative and organoleptic profile.

The resulting oil has an incisively distinct character: remarkably fruity and floral to the nose, with punching scent made of bitter and spicy notes.

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